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Letter of Recommendation for Prenom Nom

To whom it may concern:

Paris, November 8th 2007

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have known Prenom Nom as a full time graduate student in the department of management, La Sorbonne, Paris.

While being a student of mine, I can say with confidence that he was one of the best students I have met over the years. He was committed to his study, and his dedication and high standards in completing whatever was required to succeed was remarkable. XXX is a very driven and hard-working person of whom I think highly.

His skills and hard work made him in the top X% of the class of X students.

Considering his current interest, I strongly recommend XXX for an application for an XXX Master at XXX University. His overall knowledge of XXX is excellent.

He has excellent interpersonal skills and is an effective team member with great spirit.

Overall, XXX’s enthusiasm, his remarkable ability to learn, his generosity, energy, high standards and dedication will make him an excellent student at XXX University. He is at an important stage in his career and I am persuaded that this position will allow him to achieve the very high standards he is aiming for. In the long run, I trust that XXX will become a successful XXX.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Professor XXX

Professor at XXX University, Head of the Master of XXX

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