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Summer School EPITECH

Objectif de la formation :

Epitech does not teach technologies,
but instills behaviors that allow each student the capacity to evolve,
to learn independently, to comprehend business practices,
to work in teams and to convince decision-makers. In order to accomplish this,
educational methods are founded on several pillars:

Learning is done actively. Students interact with knowledge directly
and it is only through the student’s action that learning occurs.
If they don’t seek it, if they don’t try, they will not learn.
Therefore the “professor”, as the classic intermediary between
knowledge and the student, is not the key actor. Instead instructors become
companions and catalysts in the student-knowledge relationship.

In the same way, and in direct opposition to traditional education, the learning process incorporates inductive methods.
Students are confronted with real-life situations for which they do not yet have the technical background allowing them to resolve the issue.
The students must then analyze the situation, research and acquire the knowledge and know-how necessary
to resolve the problem, corresponding to how companies function persistently or react to new technologies coming to the market.

A learning opportunity is a situation in which the student learns. For example, at Epitech,
one finds immersions, rushes and projects.

-An immersion (called the swimming pool) confronts a group of students with
a multitude of problems without the technical foundation being offered.

-Through exchanges, discussions, trial and error efforts among other methods, each student constructs a personal base of knowledge
necessary to resolve the problems.

-A rush is done in teams. Similarly to the way this occurs in firms, students find themselves
confronted with a project to complete with a short deadline. Surpassing oneself, without exhaustion,
organizing oneself, and being efficient are the key takeaways.

-A project, as its name indicates, is an issue to resolve. Alone or as a team,
students must analyze, understand and organize themselves in order to deliver a final product.
The student must also determine the set of knowledge and know-how necessary to complete the project.
Step by step, students will understand, analyze and test solutions... even when it means being mistaken and trying.

Enseignements :

Week 1 C Mini-Pool

Demos : Big Data and Cloud computing

Week 2 C++ Mini-Pool

Demos : Virtuality, Embedded, Digital Security

Week 3 Project Bootstrap

Students interact with knowledge directly and it is through student's action that learning occurs.
The learning process includes also inductive methods where students are confronted to real-life situation
and have to analyze the situation, resolve the problem using constructive exchanges and experiments.

The pool is an intensive program, which introduces the students to the C or C++ programming concepts.
This program includes the following activities:

Practical exercices to complete every day
New knowledge to assimilate every day
Learning the programming standards
Koalas, asteks, C&C++ Teachers assistants everywhere to guide and help students
A lot of fun and a super and conductive to work atmosphere
Alternance : non
Stage : non

Crédits ECTS :5

Critères d'admission :

Niveau d'entrée : Bac ou équivalent
No technical prerequisites: all digital enthusiasts can apply,
whether they have a background in technology, design or business.
Come with an idea of an I.T project that you will be able to bootstrap during this Summer Camp.

• A personal statement explaining the reasons why the « Epitech International Bootstrap
Summer Camp » will be a real asset for your future career
• An English proficiency enabling you to follow the technical courses in English (applicants
are not required to present an official certificate of language proficiency,
however a certificate from your home university is necessary)

Débouchés :

Niveau de sortie : Bac ou équivalent
Today academic knowledge is not sufficient anymore.
Certificate is nice, proof of skills is much better.

In Today’s world , you have to stay quick, and acquire
essentials skills all along your career.

Come to Epitech and “learn to learn” with our
unique learning method.

Durée des cours : 3 semaines
Début des cours : juillet
Inscription avant : juillet
Coût de la formation : 2000€
Nom du directeur de la formation : Emmanuel Carli
Date de création de la formation : 2015

Coordonnées de la formation :

contact inscription EPITECH
Adresse : 24, rue Pasteur 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
Téléphone : 01 44 08 00 50
Site de la formation : summer-schools.fr
Autre site : http://www.epitech.net

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Plan accès EPITECH

24, rue Pasteur 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre

plan adresse Summer School EPITECH

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Summer School EPITECH

Informatique / Numérique
Epitech does not teach technologies, but instills behaviors that allow each student the capacity to evolve, to learn independently, to comprehend business practices,...
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